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Create A Bold Future


For Your Business and Yourself




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For Your Business and Yourself




The old business concepts don’t work anymore. Companies require a new DNA, and entrepreneurs a different mindset to move forward.

Together we will create a bold future for your business. We´ll develop a sustainable strategy, an innovative business model, and assure their fast and effective implementation.

As entrepreneur coach, I will accompany you on the path to your personal and business success, with passion, intuition, and strategic foresight.

Hulan Hagen



Discover relevant megatrends, new markets, and devise a customer-driven vision for your business.


Design your future business model and establish a solid strategic and financial foundation.


Find your purpose in the new business world, and lead your team with a new mindset into the future.


Implement the next bold steps to your vision effectively with neuroscientific coaching tools.


Hulan Hagen is an international Business Coach and Strategist for future-oriented enterprises. For more than 25 years she was Commercial Director and Manager of accounting and reporting for several international concerns.

Today Hulan guides established entrepreneurs and ambitious start-ups in Germany, the USA, and Asia. As a visionary, source of inspiration, and passionate coach, Hulan Hagen helps business leaders reach their full potential in both their business and personal lives, while elevating these leaders to new heights of ambition und performance.


„Hulan is the best Coach I have worked with so far. Within 2 months she helped me to tune my brand and sharpen my market positioning. With her quite Asian style she pushed me to gather momentum and hit the market running.“

Peter Ivanov, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

“Hulan is incredibly perceptive and is able to focus in quickly on the major impediments that are hindering a person’s or company’s future success. ” 

Richard T. Spurzem, owner and CEO, Neighborhood Properties, Inc.

“I found Hulan Hagen to be an excellent mentor. She combines a high level of business competence with empathy and intuition, a successful mixture.”

Uta Nommensen, owner, Altona PR

“In times of change and restructuring, Hulan's expertise and personality have far exceeded our expectations. Under heavy time pressure we were able to make important decisions, which were a great milestone for our company.”

Jens Cornelsen, owner and CEO, IB Cornelsen


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