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„Hulan Hagen is the best Coach I have worked with so far. Within two months she helped me to tune my brand and sharpen my market positioning. With her quite Asian style she pushed me to gather momentum and hit the market running.“

Peter Ivanov, Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach

“Hulan is incredibly perceptive and is able to focus in quickly on the major impediments that are hindering a person’s or company’s future success.  She is then able to formulate an action plan that moves people and companies out of the rut they are in and on the path to new opportunities.” 

Richard T. Spurzem, owner and CEO, Neighborhood Properties, Inc.

“I found Hulan Hagen to be an excellent mentor. She combines a high level of business competence with empathy and intuition, a successful mixture.”

Uta Nommensen, owner, Altona PR

“With her calm and concentrated personality, Ms. Hagen accompanied us very professionally through our change process. Through her excellent mediation skills and confident leadership, she successfully mediated our conversations between the various personalities and points of view and contributed to sustainable commitments of those involved.”

Daniela Schuch and Elke Pietzsch, Management Board, Christoph Petersen Design Ltd.

“I worked with Hulan Hagen to get new ideas for our corporate strategy and to incorporate my personal goals more effectively. The entrepreneur coaching also included coaching for the entire owner family so that we could compare personal goals. Ms. Hagen’s inspiring questions opened up new perspectives for me in my work and I will approach significant changes with a well thought-out concept.”

Niels Diness, Managing Partner, Paul Groth Mühlenbau Ltd.

“After just two days of coaching with Ms. Hagen, our team gained more clarity about the future of our company. With the guidance of Ms. Hagen, we easily, almost playfully, brought a clear structure to our ideas and projects and defined the strategy for the next few months. We can recommend Ms. Hagen to every entrepreneur, you are in good hands with her.”

Rolf Ahrendt, Managing Director, Forum Thomanum Ltd.

“In times of change and restructuring, Ms. Hagen’s expertise and personality have far exceeded our expectations. It is impressive how quickly she got to the core of our current challenges. With her intuition, she set priorities at the right time and, by acting quickly, took the necessary steps in time. Under heavy time pressure we were able to make important decisions and implement them rapidly on a strategic and financial level, which were in retrospect a great milestone for the successful future of our engineering office.”

Jens Cornelsen, owner and CEO, IB Cornelsen